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Sandblast couplings

Sandblast couplings

Material: Malleable iron.
Equipped with a rubber washer, a steel safety clip and screws.

Usage: For abrasive blasting hoses with an inside diameter of 32 mm.


Sandblast hose couplings are a quick connect or nozzle-threaded hose coupling designed specifically for sandblast hose applications.  The quick connect is interchangeable between all hose sizes.

 The quick coupling head is not interchangeable with Chicago universal type couplings.

 The nozzle thread coupling is 1-1/4” NPS thread on all hose sizes

 The sandblast hose coupling is designed to slip over the outside of the hose and lock in place using supplied screws.  See below for hose outside diameter range.  Do not use on hose that is not designed for this coupling type or does not fall into the range.

Hose outside diameters:

  • 3/4” ID is designed for a      1.50” OD hose

  • 1” ID is designed for a      1-7/8” OD hose

  • 1-1/4” ID is designed for a      2-5/32 OD hose

  • 1-1/2” ID is designed for a      2-3/8 OD hose

A 1-1/4” ID lightweight hose is available in some brands that utilizes a 1 inch coupling. As long as the OD matches, it is compatible with the 1 inch couplings offered on this page.


How to install sandblast couplings?

Hose ends must be cut squarely with sharp blade or specialty cutter

Slip the coupling over the hose end and push for complete and snug fit

Install 8 pcs of screws to secure the hose coupling to the hose to complete installation

Install screws offset by 180 degrees to ensure centering, then return to the first screw and repeat to ensure tightness.

Sandblast couplings