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Conduit Bodies

Donghuan is your source for EMT, RIGID, and IMC conduit bodies, covers & gaskets, providing access inside raceways for wire pulling, splicing, inspection, maintenance, making bends, or changing directions in conduit systems. Conduit bodies also add extra protection from weather and corrosion to your conductors.

Conduit bodies are available in different shapes and sizes. Please browse through our conduit body fill chart to discover which is suitable for your project. You can also invest in conduit accessories for even more conductor protection.

LL3/4,1,1-1/2,2In small box then in big carton
LT CONNECTOR3/4,1,1-1/4

Industrial electrical circuitry systems need to follow local and government regulation codes for safety, security, and health. According to Occupational Safety And Security and Health Organization (OSHA) standards, organizations should have metal avenues to safeguard their wires.

A conduit body is a component of a commercial electrical wiring system. Conduit bodies team wires with each other to conserve room within an electrical system. The electrical wiring goes through channels and also conduit bodies to guard against corrosion. They additionally enable you to navigate the instructions and also packing of a group of wires. Conduit bodies can be found in a variety of sizes, materials, and wetness resistance.

Electrical experts make use of conduit bodies to attach different sections of a conduit. A conduit body consists of a detachable cover for easy access to the wires. You can pull wires to transform their polarity as well as make your electrical system much safer.

What Are Conduit Bodies Made From?

A conduit body includes copper-free aluminum gaskets with covers. The aluminum covers stainless-steel screws to secure wires from water as well as corrosion. The material of conduit bodies is lightweight as well as resistant to corrosion. Conduit boxes are additionally moisture-resistant to make sure that they can withstand rain and snow outside.

Versions with an epoxy powder surface have added corrosion resistance. You could remove the neoprene gasket to fit your electrical preferences. You can make use of conduit bodies for EMT, IMC, threading, rigid, or a combination of wiring. The various shapes and sizes will figure out the number of wires you could suit the conduit body.


BodiesMalleable iron with electrogalvanized
CoverMalleable iron or carbon steel
Cover ScrewsStainless steel

Choose your conduit physique based on the sort of conduit consisted of in your electrical system:

Inflexible Metal Conduit (RMC): An RMC suits circuitry systems beyond a structure. This conduit includes galvanized steel tubes that fit with threaded wires.

Intermediate Steel Conduit (IMC): An IMC is a thinner, lighter-weight choice to the RMC. Thinking that you can utilize it both inside your house and outdoors, an IMC conduit is excellently ideal for the new structure.

Electric Metal Tubing (EMT): An EMT conduit is made from galvanized steel; however, in addition, be made from aluminum. It's made use of for indoor residential property tasks or light commercial structures.

Electric Non-Metallic Tubes (ENT): An ENT conduit includes versatile tubing built of plastic inside wall surfaces. Considering that it's versatile along with lightweight, it's straightforward to establish.

Flexible Steel Conduit (FMC): An FMC conduit can snake cables inside of wall surface areas. Liquid-tight versatile steel conduit (LFMC) has a particular product for outdoor use. Rigid PVC conduit's plastic piping can be leak-proof to make sure that you can run wires underground.

To match your conduit bodies, you require the best conduit for your job. At Donghuan, we offer networks of numerous products for your building or devices demands. Our avenues benefit a vast array of industries, from the railway industry to commercial handling. With our different kinds of networks, you can take advantage of:

UV resistance

Safety versus harsh climate condition

Wetness resistance

Fire resistance

Terms paymentsTT 30% prepayments of products before producing and TT the balance after receiving copy of B/L, all price expressed in USD;
Packing detailPacked in cartons then on pallets;
Delivery date60days after receiving 30% prepayments and also confirming samples;
Quantity tolerance15%

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