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What Are Conduit Bodies?

Mar. 31, 2021

What Are Conduit Bodies?

The conduit body is a separate conduit for easy access to the inside of the electrical raceway. It provides more bending space for the conductor. The conduit body also protects the conductor from weather and corrosion.

The conduit body is available in different shapes and sizes.

What are conduit bodies?

Industrial electrical wiring systems need to comply with local and federal safety and health regulations. According to the guidelines of the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA), companies must use metal conduits to protect wires. As an electrician, you need to know how to install this advanced wiring.

The conduit body is an integral part of the industrial electrical wiring system. The conduit body combines the wires to save space in an electrical unit. Wires are passed through the pipe and conduit body to prevent corrosion. They also allow you to manipulate the direction and bundling of a set of wires. The conduit body has various sizes, materials and moisture resistance.

The electrician uses the conduit body to connect different parts of the conduit. The conduit body contains a detachable cover for easy access to the wires. You can pull the wires to change their polarity and make your electrical system safer.

What is the conduit body made of?

The conduit body is composed of a copper-free aluminum gasket and a cover. Aluminum covers the stainless steel screws to protect the wires from water and rust. The material of the conduit body is light and corrosion resistant. The conduit boxes are also moisture-proof, so they can withstand rain and snow outside.

Models with epoxy powder topcoat have additional corrosion resistance. Different sizes and shapes will determine how many wires you can place in the conduit body.

What are the benefits of conduit bodies?

The conduit body is one of several ways to connect the conduits together. Through the conduit body, you can enter the inside of the raceway to pull, inspect and maintain the wires. When you can better control your lines, your system can operate effectively.

They can also help move the current direction of the wire or bend the wire in a certain direction. You can also use the conduit body to splice your wires. Wire splicing is the joining of two wires together so that they can carry more current.

The conduit always stops in front of the electrical box or similar box equipment. You can connect the conduit body to the conduit with special fittings. The raceway is a box, a conduit and a connector. You should connect the conduit body according to the type of conduit. Use plastic boxes to connect plastic conduits, and metal boxes to connect metal conduits.

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What Are Conduit Bodies?