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Double Bolt Clamps With Saddles

Double Bolt Clamps with plated iron two-bolt clamp and machine bolts and hex nuts.

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Shijiazhuang Donghuan Malleable Iron Castings Co., Ltd. provide a variety of high-quality double bolt clamps to meet all your needs. Double bolt clamps is a sturdy iron-plated double bolt clamps with machine bolts and hexagon nuts. In high temperature, abrasive material transportation and chemical fumes environments, these clamps are used to secure hoses and provide a safe working environment.  

Double Bolt Clamp Features:

1. Inner surface has dual gripping ridges

2. Bolts lugs are reinforced to prevent bending out of alignment

3. Measure hose OD accurately before ordering clamps

4. Torque values for clamps are based on dry bolts. The use of lubricant on bolts will adversely affect clamp performance

Double Bolt Clamp size list as below:

Namecodesizerang sizeNoteColour
22 Double Bolt ClampDBSL-2220-22mmWithout saddlesYellow
29 Double Bolt ClampDBSL-2922-29mm
34 Double Bolt ClampDBSL-3429-34mm
40 Double Bolt ClampDBSL-4034-40mm
49 Double Bolt ClampDBSL-4940-49mm
60 Double Bolt ClampDBSL-6049-60mmCarbon steel saddles
76 Double Bolt ClampDBSL-7660-76mm
94 Double Bolt ClampDBSL-9476-94mm
115 Double Bolt ClampDBSL-11594-115mm
400 Double Bolt ClampDBSL-40090-100mm
525 Double Bolt ClampDBSL-525100-125mmMalleable iron saddlesWhite
550 Double Bolt ClampDBSL-550125-150mm
675 Double Bolt ClampDBSL-675150-175mm
769 Double Bolt ClampDBSL-769175-200mm
818 Double Bolt ClampDBSL-818200-225mm
988 Double Bolt ClampDBSL-988225-250mm
1125 Double Bolt ClampDBSL-1125250-300mm
1275 Double Bolt ClampDBSL-1275300-350mm

Installation instruction for double bolt clamp

Firstly, check the pipe end surface and assure that the pipe is smooth, then aligning two piece of clamps and insert the bolt and connect them, finally hand tighten nuts make sure oval next bolt completely fits into bolt hole. Please make sure you use a wrench.



Material of Double Bolt Clamp

DescriptionChemical PropertiesPhysical Properties
Lot No.CSiMnPSTensile StrengthElongation
ALL PALLET2.761.650.55LESS THAN 0.07LESS THAN 0.15300 Mpa6%

Terms payments: 

TT 30% prepayments of products before producing and TT the balance after receiving copy of B/L, all price expressed in USD;

Packing detail: 

Packed in cartons then on pallets;

Delivery date: 

60days after receiving 30% prepayments and also confirming samples;

Quantity tolerance:15%.