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How to Find a Good Casting Factory

Feb. 11, 2022

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How to find a casting factory with good quality and service is very important for customers.  

The following three options are recommended:  

First, look at the process  

The purpose of looking at processes is to see if a casting factory has a lean layout and is creating uninterrupted operational processes to visualize problems.  Donghuan casting co., ltd of many years of casting experience has led us to summarize the lean layout, which is the most important link for us to produce good castings.  

casting factory

Second, to see standardization  

An enterprise must have many standards, the reason for standardization is to popularize the standards to the level of implementation. New builders often regulate themselves with these four key questions:  

1. Whether it conforms to national standards and specifications?  

2. Does it meet the quality requirements of the leading level in the casting factory industry?  

3. Whether the detailed requirements of customized products are clear?  

4. Does everyone know their job responsibilities?  

Only to their strict standards, to give customers a satiscasting factory answer.  Some small workshops are only for the purpose of making money. There is no standardized management process, whether the products produced are up to standard, and whether the after-sales service is in place, which is all potential dangers.

casting factory


Third, to see culture  

The representation of cultural elements seen and heard in an enterprise.  If the company does not hear the words "improvement" in five minutes and "on-site" in 10 minutes, it is not a lean company.  

First of all, this corporate culture requires senior managers to stick to the front line of production, directly observe the progress and details of daily production, and listen to the actual response of employees.  

Secondly, in this culture, lean tools are used every day so that potential problems come to the surface. Everyone asks "why" until the root cause of the problem is found, corresponding countermeasures are proposed, and the correctness of the countermeasures is constantly checked.  

Third, there is a "problem first" culture, in which top management works with employees to solve problems and is grateful to customers who come up with new ones. Improvement can only be achieved through continuous questioning and improvement.  

Lean enterprise culture is the internal power of enterprise development. With lean processes, visual problem management methods, standardized management standards, and innovative corporate culture, this enterprise is worth cooperating with!  We are such an enterprise, looking forward to cooperating with you!