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6 Types of Hose Clamps

Sep. 10, 2021

Air Hose Clamps

Air Hose Clamps

Don't know which type of Hose Clamps to choose? By analyzing 6 different types of hose clamps to help you choose the most suitable.


1 ear hose clamp

Low profile, permanent 1 Ear clips can be easily installed in narrow locations and compensate for component tolerances, while providing a tamper-proof seal for sturdy plastic or sturdy rubber hoses and pipes.

Stepless 1 ear hose clamp

The stepless 1‑Ear clip is a permanent, disposable, tamper-proof clip that provides a 360° seal with no internal steps or gaps. They are easy to install and work best with sturdy plastic or sturdy rubber hoses or tubes

2 ear hose clamp

2 Ear hose clamps can be used for more hoses of different diameters, and are ideal for single-use flexible tubes and hoses-even in heat or vibration applications.


T-bolt hose clamp

T-bolt clamps or 'racing clamps' provide a uniform 360° sealing pressure around the hose and joint assembly to prevent leaks and bursts. The advantage is that it is very suitable for a variety of applications, including high-vibration environments and hard-to-reach places. Ideal for discharge and suction hoses or use with silicone hoses and sturdy plastic and rubber hoses and tubes. And reusable and easy to remove.

It should be noted that before measuring and selecting T-bolt clamps, be sure to assemble samples of hoses and pipes or fittings. Because their available range is limited. The correct size clamp is essential to ensure a leak-proof seal.


Worm Gear Hose Clamp

Worm gear hose clamps are the most widely used type of hose clamps. The advantage is a simple installation. Easy to install using ordinary hand tools. Apply static tension to the accessory. An economical, reusable fastening solution for a variety of applications.


Quick-release hose clamp

The quick-release hose clamp has a swivel lock screw toggle latch that can be quickly installed and removed. The end of the screw is firmly fixed, so it will not fall off or return by itself when opened. Reusable, very suitable for applications that require frequent inspections or adjustments.


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